Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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Summer Edward is a Children's Literature and Publishing Consultant. She holds an M.S.Ed. degree in Reading, Writing, Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania and is the recipient of a Highlights Foundation Scholarship for promising children's writers and the School of the Free Mind's inaugural Way of the Book Honor Award given to artist-authors demonstrating long and sincere commitment to changing the world through children's books. Learn more about her here .


Lu Beam

Clear and concise in every way, having read some much information on the guidelines to writing and illustrating children's books... this is the most comprehensive. Many thanks to you for sharing your expertise.


Thank you. Just the explanation I needed.

Mrs. King

Hello, this article helped me a lot. Now I understand which audiences my books are for. I have fables I have written and I want them to be for 4-8 year olds but my word count is between 250-390 for some. If I fall below the word count of 400 is it a big deal?

Captain Book

Great post! But why multiples of 8? The way you described it, it seems like it should be multiples of 4.


Hello, Summer.
Thanks very much for this helpful piece. Unfortunately, I think I need a great deal more help than is contained herein. I'm not a writer, nor do I have much of a desire to be one. However, I find myself feeling compelled to somehow participate in the production of a children's book, and most likely, based on your descriptions, either a picture book or a picture storybook.
Here's the situation. I've written an original song which tells a story. I think the melody and lyrics are awesome (I know, maybe I'm the only one), but the story is mostly implied, and really requires more development than can be worked into a song alone. Besides, the lyrics, absent that development, are a little too sophisticated for the age group the story should target.
Believe me, I've tried many times to write the book, but the result simply hasn't been good enough. I can get the concept down, which I think is fantastic (again, I know), but the storytelling skill just isn't there.
So, I'm wondering, are there good, skillful writers who might be willing to look at what I have, i.e., song melody and lyrics, along with a story draft, for possible collaboration? And, if so, how might I begin to pursue that angle?
Thanks, and regards - Lawrence

annie paul

You've made so very many good points in this clearly heartfelt post. It sounds to me as if Children's writing needs its own festival. Although you berate Bocas for treating children's litt writers with scant regard compared to regular authors my impression is that this is the norm at all or most lit fests in the world. Not that that makes it right but it strongly suggests a misfit, a need for a separate festival because perhaps the two speak to different audiences. I think writing for children just hasn't spawned major festivals in its own right, i'm hard pressed to think of any though i can name many literary festivals--these all as you rightly point out focus mostly on writing for adults. So the Caribbean is not out of step with the global trend but reflects it...not sure there's an easy solution under one umbrella.

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