Kamishibai Workshop

Ready to learn and play? Click on the Kamishibai Bear to register your child for a July / August 2020 workshop.

St. Augustine, Trinidad. Saturdays at 11am.

Hands-on, interactive workshop. Class size: 20 participants. This is a workshop for kids ages 7-12.
** Summer is a graduate of the Mentoring by The Masters— Storytelling and Oratory Traditions Programme facilitated by veteran storyteller Paul Keens-Douglas.**

Multicultural storyteller, Summer Edward, presents a performance of the Japanese narrative art of kamishibai (literally “paper drama”), a form of visual and participatory storytelling that combines the use of hand-drawn visuals with the engaging narration of a live presenter.

A forerunner of contemporary Japanese magna and anime, kamishibai started in Japan as a form of street performance art in the late 1920s. It is part of a long tradition of picture storytelling in which the storyteller uses a miniature wooden stage (butai) and illustrated story cards (hira-e) which are revealed as the story is told to create drama and suspense.
Summer will perform a kamishibai tale from Japanese folklore ("The Mouse's Wedding" or "How the Years Were Named") and participants will learn about the history of kamishibai. After the performance, participants will make Japanese tachi-e puppets inspired by the story they have heard.

Workshop length: 1 hour. Cost: TT$50.
** Download the workshop flyer here.**

Illustration by Antonio Amago

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