New Worlds, Old Ways: Speculative Tales from the Caribbean

Edited by Karen Lord

Genre: Anthologies (Adult)
Peepal Tree Press, 2016
ISBN: 9781845233365

Softcover, 164 pages        Starred review from Publisher's Weekly

Contributors include: Tammi Browne-Bannister • Summer Edward • Portia Subran • Brandon O'Brien • Kevin Jared Hosein • Richard B. Lynch • Elizabeth J. Jones • Damion Wilson • Brian Franklin • Ararimeh Aiyejina • and H.K. Williams.

Do not be misled by the "speculative" in the title. Although there may be robots and fantastical creatures, these common symbols are tools to frame the familiar from fresh perspectives. Here you will find the recent past and ongoing present of government and society with curfews, crime, and corruption; the universal themes of family, growth and death, love and hate; the struggle to thrive when power is capricious and revenge too bittersweet. Here too is the passage of everything—old ways, places, peoples, and ourselves—leaving nothing behind but memories, histories, and stories.

This anthology speaks to the fragility of our Caribbean home, but reminds the reader that although home may be vulnerable, it is also beautifully resilient. The voice of our literature declares that in spite of disasters, this people and this place shall not be wholly destroyed.

Read for delight, then read for depth, and you will not be disappointed.

*Author's Note: I contributed a short story to this groundbreaking anthology edited by Mythopoeic Award-winning author, Karen Lord.    |    © Copyright 2020 Summer Edward. All Rights Reserved.