Picture Book Design Workshop

Look out for this workshop in Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean). Exaction location to be announced.

Small workshop size to support collaborative, discussion-based study and rich, intensive learning. Enrollment is limited to 12 learners per workshop.

This workshop will be offered throughout 2020. Registration opens soon.

I want to help as many aspiring picture book creatives as possible.

I provide 1 full scholarship per workshop to a committed learner. More info. coming soon!

Join the mailing list here to be notified when this course is offered in 2020. And fill out the pre-workshop survey here to help Summer provide a better learning experience.

Anyone who has a great children’s picture book idea in mind
Those who want to create children’s books straight from the heart and explore the      heart of children’s books as tools for change
Illustrators or graphic artists who want to explore what it would be like to work on      children’s picture books
This course is open to anyone interested in writing or publishing for children

Downloadable class materials, including templates & resources
Picture book-palooza! - Art gallery-style classroom with nearly a

     hundred multicultural picture books to explore
3 hours of hands-on, in-person instruction
Certificate of completion

Bee symbolism is very powerful! Bee teaches us about:
Team work and nurturing our community
Productivity and hard work
Growing our inner garden
Savouring the nectar of life and the sweet rewards of our efforts

Registration currently closed! Course enrollment begins in 2020.

Ready to get busy learning and growing? Click on the Picture Book Bee to register for this workshop.

This is an environmentally-friendly workshop. I recycle and reuse all unused materials.

Summer Edward began her journey in children’s books while completing a Master’s degree in Reading, Writing, Literacy at the University of Pennsylvania. There, she studied children's books as visual narratives, aesthetic objects, teaching tools, and critical and literary works, and was fortunate to be graduate advisee to the late Dr. Lawrence Sipe, former North American Editor-in-Chief of Children's Literature in Education journal and a leading scholar of children's and young adult literature.

She is an alum of the acclaimed Highlights Foundation residential workshops for children's book writers and illustrators, and has taken courses with Pura Belpré award-winning children’s author Maya Gonzalez through the School of the Free Mind. She received the Way of the Book Honor Award for “demonstrating long and sincere commitment to changing the world through children’s books,” and was a finalist for the We Need Diverse Books mentorship program. Through a full grant from the Highlights Foundation, she received training in Visual Thinking Strategies and the Whole Book Approach (curriculum/teaching methods for evaluating and using the picture book as an art form) from Rosemary Agoglia, Curator of Education at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. She participated in the Storytelling and Oratory Traditions salon of the Mentoring by the Masters program, sponsored by Trinidad and Tobago's Ministry of The Arts and Multiculturalism, where she was mentored by Paul Keens-Douglas, celebrated Trinidadian storyteller and humorist.

She considers her work with children's books as the work of a healing/heart artist. She uses her academic, professional and intuitive training to help children's book creatives hone their craft, listen to their hearts and find their voices so that they can get their stories out into the world and into the hearts and hands of children. She believes in First Voice, inclusivity, the sacredness of story, nature, and artistic freedom as foundations for creating meaningful (and sometimes radical!) children's books, and for heritage conservation. Her work is geared toward reclaiming and building a heritage of Caribbean storytelling that respects and values children, and figuring out how we can better align this heritage with the world of printed children's books. Find out more here.

Summer's Desk

I support We Need Diverse Books.

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