Terms and Conditions

I'm committed to providing professional and high quality editing at affordable prices. These Terms and Conditions set out both what you can expect from my services and your responsibilities when working with me.

I abide by a strict Confidently Code during the submission process. I will never share your work with any third party at any point during the submission process or thereafter whether we end up working together or not.

Editors are not perfect. While I cannot guarantee that any edited document is perfect or error-free, I provide the best possible service to the best of my ability, and all documents are edited to a high standard. My clients have consistently reported a high rate of accuracy and my accuracy rate is also higher than that of most free, online editing programs.

The client is responsible for reviewing the edited document upon completion and for contacting me upon discovering any errors. I will correct any outstanding issues with a document. I am not obligated to refund the cost of the service in the case of an edited document being less than perfect. I request that the client contact me if not completely satisfied with the service and I will make every effort to remedy the situation. I am not responsible for any claim, loss, or injury based on errors or any other inaccuracies appearing in my clients' written documents.

All of my clients are required to sign a contract with an intellectual property rights clause which is designed to legally protect you and your work. You will retain all rights to your manuscript during our working relationship and thereafter.

Legally, your work is copyrighted as soon as you've written it. You don't need to go through the formal process of copyrighting before submitting your work to me, or to a literary agent or publisher for that matter. By placing the copyright symbol (©) on your work and giving a legally-relevant date of original publication, you are telling others that you know your rights. That said, always be sure to fix the date of copyright of your work. You can do this by simply emailing a copy to yourself (known as "poor man's copyright"), just don't open the email once you send it or else the legality of the poor man's copyright will be compromised.

If you're worried about people stealing your ideas, you should know that a copyright doesn’t protect an idea to begin with, so you can’t sue someone for stealing your idea. The copyright really protects the execution of the idea. To make it more difficult for people to steal, it's always a good idea to submit your work as a non-copy-able pdf as opposed to a Microsoft document when possible (I require Microsoft Word .doc files since I use Microsoft's Track Changes feature to edit manuscripts). There are free online programs that can help you create pdfs that are non-copy-able.

If you sign a contract with a traditional publishing company, the publishing house will file copyright for you. Having a literary agent to handle and negotiate the contract is the best way to ensure you get the best deal out of the various copyrights associated with selling a book (Subsidiary rights like foreign, translation, first serial, second serial, reprint, motion picture, TV rights etc...the list goes on) since book contracts can be confusing to the average layperson.

If you're nervous about your work being stolen during the submission process, again, know the law is on your side: you own the work the moment you create it and legitimate editors do not steal manuscripts. On the other hand, if you are planning on self-publishing you should absolutely copyright your work. The process takes minutes at www.copyright.gov and only costs US $35.

If your work is created in a country outside the US, check the copyright laws of that country. Most countries honor each other’s copyrights as a result of the Berne Convention.

Source: http://www.scbwi.org/frequently-asked-questions/

All other terms and conditions are put forth in the contract you will receive at the start of our working relationship.

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