"Jesu, Revolutionary of the Tropics"
        "Carnival Monday"
        "Scrolls of Silt"
        "History Drops Litter"
        "Boissiere House, 2008"
           five poems in Moko: Caribbean Arts and Letters

        "Mors Poetica"
           two poems in Duende (forthcoming)
        Shortlisted in the Small Axe Literary Competition 2016

        "Sugarcane Gone Love"
        "Sea Hut"
        "To Fly the Way of Extinct Birds"
        "The Deep"
        "Seamen on Land"
          five poems in Matatu: Journal for African Culture and Society.

           "Fairmount Trees"
        personal essay in The Missing Slate

        "A View of the Sea"
        short fiction in Obsidian: Literature in the African Diaspora
        Shortlisted in the Small Axe Literary Competition 2012

        "Wet Leaves"
           two poems in sx salon

        poem in The Ekphrastic Review

         "Wet Season Memories"
        poem in Bim: Arts for the 21st Century

        poem in The Columbia Review

        "Thanking Kiran Desai for Reminding Me of Guavas"
        "Mon Repos"
        "In a Certain Light"
           three poems in tongues of the ocean

        poem in The Caribbean Writer


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