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(45-60 minutes)

Summer reads her picture storybook, The Wonder of the World Leaf, then students discover how herbs were used as medicines in past centuries, as well as today. In this interactive session, students will have the option to go on a plant hunt, learn how to make an authentic Caribbean bush medicine remedy, or make their own herbarium to preserve plants and flowers.

(45-60 minutes)

Using the 12 Stages of The Hero's Journey, a popular narrative archetype derived from Joseph Campbell's monomyth, Summer retraces her journey from childhood reader to published author. Students will walk away from this inspiring session knowing that they can become anything they want, including a writer. Includes Q&A.

(45-60 minutes)

In this workshop, educators and librarians will learn how to use children's books to support social and personal transformation in own voices communities. This workshop focuses on self-empowerment through mirror texts, reading as reflective action, heritage healing through children's literature, creating sacred space with story, and nature-based reading experiences.

Download a virtual author visits brochure here.

Summer loves interacting with young readers and does so through author visits, book talks, workshops and classroom presentations tailored around each of her books. She is highly noted for her lectures and keynote addresses on Caribbean literature for young readers and has appeared at libraries, conferences, book festivals, book club events, and special events internationally. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way authors connect with readers, and some of Summer's speaking engagements are now conducted virtually.

Types of Programming

Themes of Summer's talks include healing through children's stories, the importance of mirror texts and how to find them, writing from the heart, and the power of voice. Summer provides resources and tools for using her books in learning communities, and recommends other texts. Summer also peforms kamishibai occasionally! She is particularly interested in using the kamishibai tradition to share Caribbean stories with young people.

Length of Visits

Single Presentation Visit : One 45-60 minute session

Half-Day Visit: Two 45-60 minute sessions

Full Day Visit: Up to three 45-minute sessions

In the event that your location’s driving time is in excess of two hours, or if the scheduled start time is an early morning event, overnight lodging may be necessary.


I so appreciate your approach in "drawing out" my talents and creativity in the questions you ask and every detail of your feedback regarding the plot, characters and pace. I find your questions very helpful and useful to stimulate the flow of the story, (or revised story) with different names and purpose. Your feedback has helped my writing more than any class or workshop I've taken relating to children's stories.

—Fedora P.W.

This workshop was ten times better than some lectures I have had at university! The workshop gave me a well-rounded foundation on the basics and nuances of children's writing, editing and publishing. I feel confident in my ability to pursue children's writing after attending Ms. Edward's workshop.

—Sidney Singh