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Bookmarked: New Caribbean Writing

Genre: Multi-Form Anthologies (Adults)
Publisher: PREE ink (2021)
ISBN: 9789769656505
Page count unknown


Published in collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund, Bookmarked: New Caribbean Writing is the inagural prublication of PREE Ink, the print arm of PREE journal.

PREE is an open access, digitally-born magazine of contemporary writings from, in and about the Caribbean. This is a print edition of a selection of writings from the first five issues of PREE edited by Annie Paul and featuring over 50 contemporary writers from across the region.

Founded in 2018 by Dialogue Books publisher Sharmaine Lovegrove, Jamaican scholar, critic and writer Annie Paul, professor and cultural analyst Dr. Isis Semaj-Hall, and Commonwealth Short Story Prize-winning author Diana McCaulay, PREE has published original works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, interviews and experimental writing, helping to make writers in the Caribbean and its diasporas visible to one another, and to international audiences.

Contributors: Leone Ross • Kei Miller • Tanya Shirley • Jovante Anderson • Rhea Manley • Summer Edward • Amanda Choo Quan • A-Dziko Simba Gegele • Topher Allen and more


Praise & Reviews []
"Bookmarked is a superbly innovative and resonant collection of stories in fiction, poetry, essay and visual art. Stories that take the old plantation anguish and show it new. Stories that carry us wide across the globe that we inhabit and that inhabits us: the internet, social media, the in-between of America, England, China, Africa and each familiar changing rock called island. Stories that make us laugh and cry and say yes, yes, in affirmation, acknowledgment and fresh wonder. Stories of now. In the lineage of the literary magazines that launched West Indian writers of the previous century, Bookmarked is not a renaissance but the ongoing fecundity of Caribbean literary art, a moveable feast of truly extraordinary power and delight here transcribed for print lovers and those who love to feel the texture of magic between their hands."
    —Curdella Forbes, Hurston/Wright Legacy Award-winning author of A Tall History of Sugar

"PREE has become the literary platform the Caribbean didn't realize it was in desperate need of, and on its stage are all the future stars of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. If you want to know where Caribbean literature is heading, look at PREE."
    —Kei Miller, Forward Prize-winning author of The Cartographer Tries to Map A Way to Zion

"Years from now, when literature starts looking for turning points, paradigm shifts and game changers, they will look at PREE as the lightning strike that kickstarted 21st-century Caribbean letters. More than a literary magazine or creative space, PREE is our most vital argument that art is worth fighting for, and fighting over."
    —Marlon James, Man Booker Prize-winning author of A Brief History of Seven Killings

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