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Charlotte Huck Brief Guide

Charlotte Huck's Children's Literature: A Brief Guide

Genre: Textbooks (Adult)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (November 2018)
ISBN: 9781259913846
Hardcover: 432 pages


Now in its 3rd edition, Charlotte Huck’s Children’s Literature: A Brief Guide provides essential information for designing pre-K-to-8 literature programs that will capture the attention of pre-K-to-8 students and foster a lifelong love of reading.

Expertly designed in a vibrant, full-color format, this streamlined text has a strong emphasis on researching, evaluating, and implementing quality books in the classroom, the critical skills needed to search for and select literature. Kiefer’s guide gives readers the tools they need to evaluate books, create curriculum, and foster a lifelong love of reading for students. It includes unique features that spur critical thinking and direct application in the classroom and curriculum.


Part 1 Learning About Books and Children

CHAPTER 1: Knowing Children’s Literature
CHAPTER 2: Understanding Children’s Responses to Literature

Part 2 Exploring Genres in Children’s Books

CHAPTER 3: Picturebooks
CHAPTER 4: Traditional Literature
CHAPTER 5: Modern Fantasy
CHAPTER 6: Poetry
CHAPTER 7: Contemporary Realistic Fiction
CHAPTER 8: Historical Fiction
CHAPTER 9: Nonfiction
CHAPTER 10: Biography

Part 3 The Literature Program Across the Curriculum

CHAPTER 11: Planning the Literature Program

Appendix A: Children’s Book Awards
Appendix B: Book Selection Aids


Praise & Reviews []
"The organization is user-friendly and allows for a broad range of uses delineating between ages/grades. Illustrations offer insight into identified books, while book covers support readers in recognizing titles. Lastly, a ‘challenging perspectives’ section focuses on controversy surrounding the books mentioned. The teaching features include a sampling and introduction into some books with grade levels for their intended use. Curriculum connections address how to use the books to address the Common Core Standards."
    —Joanne Allen, Librarian/Enrichment Teacher, Enosburg Elementary Library

"Both a textbook and a reference book...valuable as a source of teaching ideas and of suggestions for books that you can use in your classroom teaching."
    —Dr. Kelly Wissman, Associate Professor of Literacy Teaching & Learning, State University of New York at Albany