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: Caribbean Childhood: Traumas + Triumphs, Pt. 2

Interviewing the Caribbean: Caribbean Childhood: Traumas + Triumphs, Pt. 2

Genre: Essay Anthologies (Adult)
Publisher: The University of the West Indies Press (2020)
ISSN: 0799-6047 (print), 0799-6055 (online) | ASIN: B08CZ86MNB (Kindle)
Ebook: 251 pages


Interviewing the Caribbean (IC) is a creative peer-reviewed composition of poetry, non-fiction, and the visual arts in all media that celebrates everything Caribbean. Edited by Opal Palmer Adisa, the journal showcases Caribbean intellectuals, writers, artists, culture, and artistic expressions at home and in the diaspora. This issue of IC features Caribbean children’s literature and childhood memories of the Caribbean.

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing much of what most of us know as normal, as familiar, as neighbourly. This crisis will likely have a lasting impact on how Caribbean citizens interact and how we see the world. Whatever happens, Caribbean children's lives will continue to be shaped by complex challenges and possibilities. Alongside those children's who are loved and protected, many are victims and survivors of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), such as physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and violence. Literature can help heal those wounds by opening up conversations about diverse issues that impact our children.

Contributors: Summer Edward • Michael Abrahams • Tanya Batson-Savage • Trish Cooke • Joanne C. Hillhouse • Kei Miller • Olive Senior • Elpedio Robinson • Tanya Shirley • Yvonne Weekes • Juleus Ghunta • A-dZiko Simba Gegele


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"Another insightful project to #RaiseUP."
    —The Association of University Presses

"Rich and thought-provoking."
    —Lou Smith PhD, poet, editor, and researcher