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The Neighborhood Band

The Neighborhood Band

Genre: Picture Book (Kids, Grade 2)
Publisher: Heinemann (June 2024, 12 pages)
ISBN: 9780325130316
Illustrated by Christian Paniagua
*A Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System 2.0 book. Standalone titles available from Pearson Canada.


Disappointments can challenge us to find new and creative ways of doing things.

Keshon, a young boy living in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, is excited because the music band he formed with kids from his neighborhood is getting ready to put on its first garage concert. But when Nyla and Sunil are forced to pull out of the performance at the last minute, Keshon must come up with an innovative solution—and rely on the help of neighbors—to make sure the show goes on.

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The assessment guidelines and rubric enables teachers to sharpen their observation of students’ reading behaviors, strengthen the connection from assessment to instruction, and plan rich and comprehensive literacy experiences that meet learners where they are and bring them forward with intention and precision.


Praise & Reviews for the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System (BAS) []
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