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Whaleheart: Journey into the Night with Maya Christina Gonzalez and 23 Courageous Artist Authors

Genre: Multi-Form Anthologies (Kids)
Publisher: Reflection Press (August 2015)
ISBN: 9780984379989
Paperback: 84 pages


Whaleheart guides us out on the night sea and brings us home again, reminding us that “a story is a sail with a wind built into it” and nothing is beyond our reach.

By the light of the moon, the storyteller stands in the river and gathers what the storyfish bring her, but the wind promises something more. The river’s flow carries her gently into the unknown as she finds herself traveling far out to sea in search of a great ship with an unlikely guide by her side. The great ship holds the key: there are others out there spinning their tales into the night!

Through a re-visioning of the anthology format, award-winning children's book artist and author Maya Christina Gonzalez conjures a night journey within which to showcase 23 new and emerging diverse children's book artistauthors from around the world. Some share windows into future picture books, some poems, while others share memories and short stories. All are inspiration for kids to tell their story, share their art and know that all stories are important, because all stories are connected.

Contributors: Victoria Bruno • Debbie Burran • Indelisa Carrillo • Jim Cartwright • Nicole Davis • Summer Edward • Silvia Garcia • Lauraine Gibbons • Carol Green • Rosalind Lord • Janine Macbeth • Katherine Mahler • Laurin Mayeno • Sanata Nacro • Innosanto Nagara • Judith Nasse • Melissa Reyes • NataĊĦa Savelli • Carole Stedronsky • Kenji Tanner • Jorge Tevalan • Cynthia A. Weber • Laurie L. Young


Praise & Reviews []
"Some of the spreads present a complete nugget in prose or verse; others seem to dip into a thought and out again. All together they offer an inspiring collection with scope for young readers to take hold of the words and images and to engage their own imaginations and tell their own stories...the collection is aptly named – it does indeed have a big heart."
    —Mirrors Windows Doors